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United Airlines Aircraft Cards


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Discover the Skies with United’s Fleet at Your Fingertips


Embark on a collector’s journey through the clouds with the various United Airlines Aircraft Trading Card Series. This meticulously crafted collections showcases the robust and diverse fleet of United Airlines, inviting aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike to explore the technological marvels that soar through our skies.

A Glimpse Into Aviation Excellence

Each card in these series features a stunning depiction of an active aircraft from United’s fleet in its natural element – the boundless sky. The front of the card is adorned with a detailed image of the designated aircraft, captured mid-flight, evoking the sense of wonder inherent to air travel. Complementing the image is the aircraft’s type and the iconic United/Globe logo, symbolizing the airline’s global reach and reputation for excellence.

United Airlines First Trading Card Set


United Set 1 Boeing 767

United Set 1 Boeing 767


We recently became aware of a mid-nineties series from United Airlines. Thus far we have noted four cards in this series, but there could easily me more. If you know of any, please drop us a line. Based on the aircraft involved, and the version of United’s logo on the cards, we date this series to 1995-1996.

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United’s 2020 Card Series


United Set 2 Boeing 777

United Set 2 Boeing 777

United’s second series of trading cards hit the streets sometime in 2020. There are 7 cards in the series, and as near as we can tell, they are still in release.
Flip to the back of the card and delve into the fascinating world of aviation mechanics. Here you will find a treasure trove of specifics: the aircraft’s length, its maximum take-off weight, impressive range, and cruising speed. This wealth of information brings to life the remarkable capabilities of each plane in United’s fleet, from the workhorse Boeing 737 to the majestic Boeing Triple Seven.
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Commemorating the Iconic 747


United Airlines 747 Trading Cards 13

United Airlines 747 Trading Cards


Welcome to the dedicated page for the exclusive United Trading Cards collection, celebrating the legendary Boeing 747. This series is a tribute to the illustrious history of the 747 and its pivotal role in both United and Continental Airlines’ fleets. Released as part of the United Commemorative 747 Amenity Travel Kit, these cards are a collector’s dream, marking a significant era in aviation history post the 2010 United-Continental merger.


A Journey Through Aviation History:
The collection consists of 15 meticulously crafted trading cards, each highlighting a different aspect of the 747’s legacy within United and Continental Airlines. From the inaugural 747-100 to the advanced 747-400 models, each card is a window into the evolution of this majestic aircraft.


Card Highlights:

  • Iconic Liveries: The cards showcase various liveries, including the classic “Friend Ship” and the distinctive “Saul Bass” designs, reflecting the airlines’ branding evolution.
  • Model Milestones: Different 747 models, such as the -100, -200, and the SP, are featured, illustrating the technological advancements over the years.
  • Special Editions: Some cards highlight special editions like the Pan-Am Hybrid and the PEOPLExpress Hybrid, capturing unique moments in airline history.
  • Commemorative Designs: Cards like “Celebrating the 747” and “Entry Into Service” are nostalgic nods to the significant milestones in the 747’s journey with the airlines.


See images of the whole collection of United Airlines 747 Trading Cards.


Why Collect United Airlines Trading Cards?

  • Historical Insight: Each card offers a glimpse into the rich history of the 747 within United and Continental’s fleet.
  • Educational Value: Learn about different aircraft models, liveries, and key moments in the airlines’ histories.
  • Nostalgic Appeal: For aviation enthusiasts, these cards are a tangible connection to the golden era of jumbo jets.
  • Limited Edition: Released in the exclusive Amenity Travel Kit, these cards are a rare find for collectors.