How To Collect Aircraft Collector Cards - Airline Trading Cards
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How To Collect Aircraft Collector Cards

How To Collect Airplane Collector Cards


Welcome to the thrilling world of collecting airplane trading cards, where every flight can turn into an adventure of gathering unique memorabilia. Let’s embark on a journey to understand how you can start or enhance your collection of these fascinating cards.


Discovering Delta’s Secret Trading Cards


  • A Viral Sensation: Thanks to viral TikToks by creators like Sarowar Ahmed and Vic, Delta Air Lines’ trading cards have gained newfound popularity. These creators showed how simply asking a Delta pilot for a card can lead to acquiring these unique collectibles.
  • How to Request a Card: If you’re flying with Delta, don’t hesitate to politely ask your pilot for a trading card. While there’s no guarantee every pilot will have them on hand, they often carry these cards and are happy to share their passion for aviation with interested passengers.
  • A Rich History: Delta’s trading card program has been around for nearly two decades, with six total collections released and updated approximately every five years. Each card features a different aircraft from Delta’s fleet, corresponding to the type of aircraft each pilot flies.


Frontier Airlines – A Wildlife Journey


  • Meet the Animals: Frontier Airlines offers its own set of trading cards, featuring the animals depicted on their aircraft tails. These cards are not only collectibles but also serve as an educational tool about wildlife, with some focusing on endangered species.
  • How to Collect: Similar to Delta, you can ask Frontier’s crew for a trading card. However, not all aircraft in Frontier’s fleet have a trading card. The collection features standard cards and endangered species cards, each with unique artwork.


Collecting Tips and Etiquette


  1. Ask Politely: When requesting a card, always be courteous and respectful to the flight crew. Remember that pilots and attendants have duties to perform, and it’s important not to distract them, especially during busy periods.
  2. Check Availability: Keep in mind that not all pilots or flights will have cards available. Some pilots might run out due to the cards’ popularity, so patience and understanding are key.
  3. Explore Other Airlines: While Delta and Frontier are known for their trading cards, other airlines have occasionally released limited editions or special sets. It’s worth inquiring or researching if you’re flying with a different airline.
  4. Connect with Fellow Collectors: Join online forums, social media groups, or communities dedicated to airplane trading card collecting. These platforms can be great resources for information, trading, and sharing experiences.


Join the Collecting Community


Embark on this exciting collecting adventure and connect with a community that shares your passion for aviation and memorabilia. Whether you’re starting your collection with Delta’s latest set or seeking to complete Frontier’s wildlife series, each card you collect brings a story and a piece of aviation history.


If you have any tips, stories, or questions about collecting airplane trading cards, feel free to share them with us. Happy collecting!