Delta Aircraft Trading Card Lists

Delta Aircraft Trading Cards: A Journey Through the Skies

Welcome to the dedicated page for listing the Delta Aircraft Trading Cards, a fascinating collection that captures the evolution of Delta’s fleet over the years. Spanning from 2003 to the latest series in 2022, these cards have become a cherished part of aviation memorabilia. If you want to collect aviation collector cards, the Delta Aircraft Trading Cards are probably the best to start with. They are readily available, and currently produced. Plus they are fun! We have compiled a list of the Aircraft Trading Cards to help you along with your collection of not just these, but any aviation trading cards.



2003 Delta Aircraft Cards: The Inaugural Series


Delta 2003 Airline Trading Card

The journey began in 2003 with the first series of Delta aircraft cards, inspired by the earlier Northwest Airlines cards and starting afresh with card #1.


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2004 Delta Aircraft Cards: Celebrating Destinations and Milestones


Delta 2003 #21

In 2004, the second series celebrated both destinations and the fleet, with card #18 marking Delta’s 75 years of service.


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Delta 2010 #23 (Alt)

After a six-year hiatus, 2010 saw a return to the straightforward format, focusing solely on the aircraft with a consistent design on the card backs.


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2015 Delta Aircraft Cards: A New Direction


Delta 2015 #35

Delta’s fourth set in 2015 marked a shift to a portrait format and introduced a holographic image that changed with viewing angle. The card number was also moved to the front for this series.


Trading Card series four from Delta Collector Cards.



2016 Delta Aircraft Cards: Artistic and Glossy


Delta 2016 #41

The fifth set in 2016 featured glossy, artistic cards with rounded corners. However, it dropped the holographic feature and moved the card number to the back. This set is notable for its confusing organization, including the elusive #51 card saga. The various versions of card #51 make this set particularly intriguing for collectors.


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2022 Delta Aircraft Cards: The Latest Chapter


Delta 2022 #58

The most recent series, cards #52-62, released in 2022, continues to showcase Delta’s modern and diverse fleet.


This is the sixth and most current Delta Trading Card series.




Delta Connection 2004 04 Bombardier CRJ-200

Delta Connection 2004 04 Bombardier CRJ-200


The “OTHER” Delta Airlines Trading Cards


Another series of Delta cards seems to have come out in 2004. Based on the main series 2003 cards, this 2004 series of 5 cards promoted Delta’s regional airline, the Delta Connection. Fairly rare, we only have one from this series.


2004 Delta Connection Aircraft Collector Cards
Image Year Card Number Aircraft
No Image Available 2004 1 Comair Bombardier CRJ-700
No Image Available 2004 2 Comair Bombardier CRJ-200
No Image Available 2004 3 ASA Bombardier CRJ-700
Delta Connection 2004 04 Bombardier CRJ-200 2004 4 ASA Bombardier CRJ-200
No Image Available 2004 5 ATR 72-210




Delta 1980's Trading Card 03



The other “OTHER” Delta Airlines Trading Cards


We just happened into this series of very early trading cards from Delta. They purport to be a series given to employees in the 1990’s. They do look to be designed and worded more toward children. But as far as an exact time of release, at this point we just do not know. Based on the logo, this should date to 1993-1995. Obviously, if you know more about this series, please let us know.
And if you’d like to look at the eight cards in this series, please take a look!


Collecting Delta Pilot Trading Cards


Each set of Delta Aircraft cards is unique, reflecting the airline’s fleet at the time of release. From the holographic images of 2015 to the glossy artistic rendition of 2016 and the complexity of card #51, each series offers its own charm.


To get these cards- at least those in the current release- simply ask any Delta pilot during your travels. They are known for their enthusiasm in sharing these pieces of Delta’s legacy.


A Collector’s Dream


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of aviation memorabilia, the Delta Aircraft Trading Cards offer a unique glimpse into the airline’s history and the evolution of its fleet. Each card tells a story, making them a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and Delta fans alike.


Join us in celebrating the rich history of Delta Air Lines through these captivating trading cards. Start your collection today and own a piece of the skies!