Frontier Airlines Trading Cards

Frontier Airlines Trading Cards: Celebrating Wildlife through Aviation Art


Welcome to the intriguing world of Frontier Airlines trading cards, sometimes refereed to as the Frontier Animal trading cards. Each card is a tribute to the diverse and beautiful animal tails that grace their aircraft. As Frontier establishes itself as America’s Greenest Airline, these cards have become more than just collectibles – they are symbols of their commitment to environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation.


Part of the history of this card series says that some of these cards were originally included in Frontier’s nine dollar Kids Meal served onboard. We do not know which series moir cards might have been oncluded, or how many cards came with each meal. If you can shed some light on this, please let us know.


A Unique Collection of Tail Art


Frontier’s trading cards are unique in the airline industry. Each card features the tail art of an individual plane, showcasing an array of wildlife species from oceans, forests, and plains. These cards not only celebrate the beauty of these creatures but also serve as a reminder of Frontier’s dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and preserving the natural habitats of these animals.


Frontier Virginia the Wolf


What we believe to be the first series (and we could be wrong!- feel free to correct or add information) is also the smallest, size-wise. These cards probably date from May of 2016, and measure approx. 3 ½” by 2″(“standard” trading cards typically measure about 3 ½” by 2 ½”). These unusually sized cards feature the animal and their plane on the front, with humorous “facts” about the animal on the back over a background of clouds. We know of eight cards in this series, though we have seen images of ten.


You can see the cards in this collection here.


Frontier 2022 Powder the Polar Bear



The second set of Frontier Animal Trading Cards is, we think, more recent. These cards are standard size, measuring in at 3 ½” by 2 ½”. They feature the animal on the front with a green vertical stripe and the Frontier logo, with the back showing the matching aircraft. The verso information in these cards in much more factual than the humorous data on the other series, and this series has more cards in it than the other series, too. We can confirm at least 15 cards in this series, and we believe there are at least five more.


Please click through to see the second Frontier Animal Trading Card Set.


The Collection So Far


Frontier have had one-of-a-kind animals grace the tails of at least fifty aircraft in their fleet. From these, we know of approximately 28 cards released in two series. It remains a mystery whether every plane in Frontier’s fleet has a corresponding card or if only select animals are featured.


A Rare Find


Obtaining Frontier Airlines trading cards can be quite challenging, as they are not widely available. This rarity adds to their appeal and value among collectors and aviation enthusiasts. If you’re lucky enough to come across one of these cards, you’re holding a piece of aviation and environmental storytelling.


Join the Quest


With very limited information available about the full extent of Frontier’s trading card collection, we are on a quest to uncover more. We invite fellow collectors and enthusiasts to share any knowledge or cards they may have. Your contribution could help complete the picture of this unique and meaningful collection.


Contact and Contribute


If you have any information about Frontier Airlines trading cards or wish to share your collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your insights could be invaluable in building a comprehensive understanding of these special cards.


Join us in celebrating the beauty of wildlife and the commitment to environmental consciousness through the lens of aviation. Let’s bring awareness to the fascinating stories that each Frontier Airlines trading card holds.