North American Airports Collectors Series

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Collect the Wonders of North American Airports

Join us on an exciting collecting adventure with the NAACS Airport Trading Card Program. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a seasoned traveler, or a passionate collector, our trading cards are your ticket to discovering the unique aspects of airports across North America.

The Series – A Flight Through Time


APC Series 3 FCM

APC Series 3 FCM


The 2019 Series: Current Skies Experience the latest in aviation with the 2020 NAACS Trading Cards series. Each card showcases the dynamic spirit and ongoing evolution of our airports today. Collect them and stay up-to-date with the current pulse of North American aviation. See series 3 here.

APC Series 2 TPA

APC Series 2 TPA

The 2018 Series: Recent Past Takes Flight Take a trip back to recent history with the 2018 series. These cards capture a moment in time, reflecting the growth and changes that continue to shape our travel experiences. Expand your collection with these memorable snapshots from just a few years ago. See more from Series Two.


APC Series 1 STL

APC Series 1 STL

The 2014 – 2017 Series: Foundations of Flight Delve into the foundational years of the NAACS Trading Cards with the 2014 – 2017 series. Collecting these cards is like piecing together the story of how our airports have grown and transformed over the years. Each card is a piece of history, a testament to the journey of North American airports. See the complete Series One.


The Joy of Collecting

Why Collect? Airport trading cards are more than just collectibles; they’re educational snapshots and conversation starters. Each card is a window into the heart of a community and the infrastructure that supports it. As you collect, you’ll uncover little-known facts, architectural highlights, and historical tidbits that make each airport unique.
How to Collect: Starting your collection is as simple as visiting your local airport or reaching out to the airports included in the series. Many airports give these cards away as free mementos at information desks or special events. You can also trade with fellow collectors, join online forums, or attend aviation enthusiast meet-ups to exchange cards and stories.

Make Connections Each card you collect is an opportunity to connect with a new place. As your collection grows, so does your virtual journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures that make up North America. Celebrate each new addition with friends and family, and share the excitement of your next ‘landing’.

Share Your Journey Don’t keep the joy of collecting to yourself! Share your latest acquisitions on social media, blog about your experiences, or create a digital album. Engage with a community of like-minded collectors, and you might find yourself swapping cards with someone from across the continent.

Get Involved

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Visit Us Plan a visit to participating airports to collect their unique cards. Many airports also offer special tours and open houses where you can learn more about operations and pick up the latest trading cards.
Collect Them All As you embark on this collecting journey, set your sights on acquiring complete series.