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About This Project

Welcome to our showcase of the Tally Ho Aviation Collector Cards Series. This captivating collection, privately printed and distributed by Tallyho Aviation, offers an exquisite glimpse into the artistry of airline liveries from around the world. Since its inception in 2024, the series is set to feature a total of 100 uniquely designed cards, with 45 already released to the eager hands of collectors. These cards find their way to enthusiasts piece-meal through exclusive sales on eBay and Etsy, standard in trading card size, each card is a treasure trove of aviation beauty.

The Tally Ho Airline series stands out for its dedication to showcasing full fuselage views of planes, each adorned in the airline’s distinctive livery on the front. The reverse side complements this with the livery‚Äôs tail art taking center stage, alongside line art of the aircraft, making each card a dual celebration of aviation design and heritage. This series is not just a collector’s item but an educational journey through the diverse liveries that grace our skies.

Collection Highlights:

  • Attention to Detail: Each card meticulously presents the aircraft and its livery with precision and artistic flair.
  • Educational Value: Collectors can learn about different aircraft models and their liveries, enhancing their knowledge of commercial aviation.
  • Piece Meal Release: Cards are being released in small batches, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the collecting experience.
  • Exclusivity: Privately printed by Tallyho Aviation, the Tally Ho Airline Series ensures a unique addition to any collection.


The 2024 Tally Ho Airline Series Line-Up:


1999 Top Pilot Line-Up
Image Card Number Arline Plane Reg Number
Tally Ho 01 B737 1 Air Inuit Boeing 737-2S2C C-GAIG
Tally Ho 02 A320 2 Allegiant Airlines Airbus A320-214 N-252NV
Tally Ho 03 B737 3 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 N-2918T
Tally Ho 04 A380 4 Asiana Airlines Airbus A380-841 HL-7641
Tally Ho 05 B747 5 Atlas Air Boeing 747-481 N-322SG
Tally Ho 06 A380 6 Etihad Airbus A380-861 A6-APA
Tally Ho 07 A321 7 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-231 N-669NK
Tally Ho 08 A320 8 United Airlines Airbus A320-232 N-475UA
Tally Ho 09 B747 9 UPS Boeing 747-8F N-620UP
Tally Ho 10 B787 10 Air Canada Boeing 787-9 C-FRTG
Tally Ho 11 A380 11 Korean Air Airbus A380-861 HL-7612
Tally Ho 12 B777 12 FedEx Boeing 777-F25 N-853FD
Tally Ho 13 A319 13 Rossiya Airbus A319-111 VQ-BAQ
Tally Ho 14 B737 14 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 N-8723Q
Tally Ho 15 B737 15 American Airlines Boeing 737-823 N-837NN
Tally Ho 16 B737 16 United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 N-17279
Tally Ho 17 B737 17 Sun Country Boeing 737-83N N-830SY
Tally Ho 18 B787 18 British Airways Boeing 787-9 G-ZBKJ
Tally Ho 19 B737 19 Delta Airlines Boeing 737-932 N-887DN
Tally Ho 20 A350 20 Singapore Airline Airbus A350-941 9V-SGD
Tally Ho 21 B777 21 EVA Air Boeing 777-35E B-16725
Tally Ho 22 A330 22 TAP (Air Portugal) Airbus A330-941 neo CS-TUM
Tally Ho 23 A320 23 IndiGo Airbus A320-271N VT-ITK
Tally Ho 24 B777 24 KLM Boeing 777-306ER PH-BVD
Tally Ho 25 B787 25 ANA (All Nippon Airline) Boeing 787-9 JA-833A
Tally Ho 26 A350 26 Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-941 B-LQG
Tally Ho 27 B787 27 Azerbaijan Boeing 787-8 VP-BBS
Tally Ho 28 B737 28 AirCal (American Airlines) Boeing 737-823 N-917NN
Tally Ho 29 A220 29 SwissAir Airbus A220-100 HB-JBI
Tally Ho 30 A320 30 Jet Blue Airbus A320-232 N-629JB
Tally Ho 31 A321 31 Finnair Airbus A321-231 OH-LZK
Tally Ho 32 B737 32 Japanese Air Lines Boeing 737-846 JA-345J
Tally Ho 33 B777 33 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-3F2ER TC-LJB
Tally Ho 34 B787 34 Aero Mexico Boeing 787-9 N-183AM
Tally Ho 35 B747 35 Caregolux Boeing 747-8F LX-VCC
Tally Ho 36 A321 36 American Airlines Airbus A321-231 N-144AN
Tally Ho 37 B767 37 United Airlines Boeing 767-424ER N-76065
Tally Ho 38 B787 38 EgyptAir Boeing 787-9 SU-GEW
Tally Ho 39 Fk80 39 Jet Air Fokker 70 PJ-JAC
Tally Ho 40 B747 40 Silkway Boeing 747-83QF VQ-BBH
Tally Ho 41 A319 41 Easyjet Airbus A319-111 G-EZGD
Tally Ho 42 MD11 42 UPS McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 N-292UP
Tally Ho 44 B777 43 Turkmenistan Boeing 777-22KLR EX-A778
Tally Ho 44 A320 44 Continental Airbus A320-232 N-434UA
Tally Ho 44 TH45 45 Index Card


With cards released in small batches, the thrill of the hunt adds to the allure of collecting. These cards are not just pieces of cardboard but windows into the vast and varied world of commercial aviation, each release eagerly anticipated by aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Future Releases:

As the series unfolds, collectors can expect to see an array of liveries from airlines across the globe, each card meticulously crafted to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of its subject. This is a journey through the creativity and history of the aviation industry, with each card adding to a tapestry of global airline heritage.

This page is your gateway to exploring the cards that have been released so far. While we are not the official page, we aim to provide a comprehensive look at the Tally Ho Aviation Collector Cards Series, celebrating each new release and the exquisite detail captured in each card. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of aviation collecting, these cards offer a unique blend of art, education, and the joy of collecting.

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Dive into the world of aviation like never before with the Tally Ho Aviation Collector Cards Series. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, these cards offer something for everyone, from the beauty of airline liveries to the thrill of the chase in completing your collection.

Tally Ho Airline Series
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