Delta Pilot Trading Cards Series 3 (2010) - Airline Trading Cards
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Delta Pilot Trading Cards Series 3 (2010)

About This Project

2010 Delta Aircraft Cards: A Return to Roots


Revisiting the Classic Approach


In 2010, after a notable six-year hiatus, Delta Airlines re-embraced the original spirit of its aircraft trading cards with the release of a new series. This collection marked a return to the core elements that had defined the inaugural 2003 series – a focus on the majesty and details of the aircraft. Each card in this series was crafted with a commitment to showcasing the unique features and specifications of different models in Delta’s expansive fleet.


Consistency and Detail


One of the distinguishing characteristics of the 2010 series was the uniformity in the design of the card backs. Delta chose to standardize the back design across all cards, providing a cohesive and streamlined look to the collection. This consistency allowed for a clear and focused presentation of information, making each card a valuable and educational piece for enthusiasts and travelers alike.


Alternate Card 23


In the realm of aircraft card collecting, intriguing mysteries like the alternate top for card 23 in a popular series add to the allure and value of the hobby. The reasons behind this unique variation remain unknown, but its existence is confirmed, as I proudly own this rare card. This anomaly exemplifies the captivating, unexpected discoveries that make aircraft card collecting an endlessly fascinating pursuit.



2010 Delta Aircraft Cards
Image Year Card Number Aircraft
Delta 2010 #22 Boeing 767 2010 22 B767
Delta 2010 #23 Boeing 757 2010 23 B757
Delta 2010 #23 Boeing 757 (Alt) 2010 23 (Alt) B757
Delta 2010 #24 A330-323X 2010 24 777-200
Delta 2010 #25 2010 25 A330-323X
Delta 2010 #26 MD90 and MD88 2010 26 MD90 and MD88
Delta 2010 #27 B-737 2010 27 B737
Delta 2010 #28 Airbus A319 and A320 2010 28 A319 and A320
Delta 2010 #29 Boeing 747 2010 29 B747-400
Delta 2010 #30 DC-9 2010 30 DC-9




A Collector’s Delight


The 2010 series offered a renewed opportunity for collectors and aviation fans to dive into the world of Delta’s aircraft. Each card served as a mini-encyclopedia, offering insights into the technological advancements and design features of the aircraft. For collectors who had followed the series from its inception, this latest release was a welcome addition that continued the tradition of celebrating Delta’s aviation prowess.


A Blend of Past and Present


By combining the straightforward approach of the earlier series with contemporary design elements, the 2010 Delta Aircraft Cards bridged the gap between past and present. They not only honored the legacy of Delta’s earlier collections but also reflected the airline’s ongoing innovation and growth in the aviation industry. This series was more than just a set of collectibles; it was a testament to Delta’s enduring passion for flight and its commitment to sharing that passion with the world.




Delta Series 3
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