Delta Trading Card Series 4 (2015) - Airline Trading Cards
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Delta Trading Card Series 4 (2015)

About This Project

2015 Delta Aircraft Cards: A New Direction


Embracing Innovation and Creativity


The 2015 series of Delta Aircraft Cards represented a significant departure from previous collections, signaling a new era in the design and presentation of these collectible items. Delta boldly embraced innovation, introducing a series that not only captured the attention of collectors but also showcased the airline’s commitment to creativity and modernity.


Portrait Format and Holographic Innovation


A striking feature of the 2015 series was the transition to a portrait format, a change that allowed for a more dynamic and engaging display of each aircraft. This format provided a fresh perspective and a larger canvas to highlight the intricate details and designs of Delta’s fleet.


Complementing this new format was the introduction of a holographic image on each card. This innovative feature added an interactive element to the cards, as the image transformed and shifted depending on the viewing angle. The holographic design brought a sense of movement and life to the static images, making each card a unique visual experience.


Card Number Prominence


Another notable change in this series was the placement of the card number. Moving away from the traditional placement on the back, Delta positioned the card numbers prominently on the front. This adjustment not only made it easier for collectors to identify and organize their cards but also added to the aesthetic appeal of each card, integrating the number into the overall design.



2015 Delta Aircraft Cards
Image Year Card Number Aircraft
Delta 2015 #31 Boeing 717 2015 31 B717
Delta 2015 #32 Boeing 737 2015 32 B737
Delta 2015 #33 Boeing 747 2015 33 B747
Delta 2015 #34 Boeing 757 2015 34 B757-300
Delta 2015 #35 Boeing 767 2015 35 B767-300ER
Delta 2015 #36 Boeing 777 2015 36 B777
Delta 2015 #37 A320-300 2015 37 A320-300
Delta 2015 #38 A330-300 2015 38 A330-300
Delta 2015 #39 MD 88/90 2015 39 MD 88/90




A Collection that Captivates


The 2015 Delta Aircraft Cards series was more than just a new set of trading cards; it was a statement of Delta’s forward-thinking approach and its desire to connect with collectors and passengers in new and exciting ways. Each card in this series became a coveted item for its unique blend of artistry, technology, and information.


For aviation enthusiasts and collectors, the 2015 series offered a renewed excitement in the pursuit of these cards, providing a glimpse into the future of airline memorabilia and the endless possibilities for innovation in this space.



Delta Series 4
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