Frontier Animal Collector Cards Series Two

About This Project

Explore the Skies with Frontier’s Animal Trading Cards: Series Two


Collect the Wonders of the Wild with Frontier Airlines

Embark on a collecting journey through the animal kingdom with Frontier Airlines’ second series of Animal Trading Cards. Each card in this series brings the spirit of adventure to your fingertips, showcasing the unique animals that adorn Frontier’s aircraft tails.


A Wilder Collection

 The second series of Frontier’s Animal Trading Cards features more cards than its predecessor, with at least 15 confirmed cards and the expectation of five or more to discover. Each standard-sized card, measuring 3 ½” by 2 ½”, presents a vibrant image of an animal character on the front, set against a lively green vertical stripe alongside the unmistakable Frontier logo.


A Flight through Facts

 Turn these cards over to see the aircraft that carries each animal through the skies. Unlike the playful tone of the previous series, the verso of these cards offers factual information that reflects the significance and characteristics of each animal and aircraft. It’s a fun and educational way to learn more about Frontier’s fleet and the wildlife that graces their tails.



Frontier Animal Trading Card Series Two
Image Name Plane Tail; Number
Frontier 2022 Cortez the Green Turtle Cortez the Green Turtle Airbus A320neo N368FR
No Image Available Cubby the Bear
Frontier 2022 Hudson the Bog Turtle Hudson the Bog Turtle Airbus A320neo N379FR
Frontier 2022 Hugh the Manatee Hugh the Manatee Airbus A320neo N387FR
Frontier 2022 Ichabod the Whooping Crane Ichabod the Whooping Crane Airbus A320neo N358FR
Frontier 2022 Joaquin the Kit Fox Joaquin the Kit Fox Airbus A320neo N387FR
Frontier 2022 Kit the Kermode Bear Kit the Kermode Bear Airbus A320neo N366FR
Frontier 2022 Lewis the Sage Grouse Lewis the Greater Sage-Grouse Airbus A320neo N378FR
No Image Available Luna & Lilly the Wolves Airbus A-321
No Image Available Marty the Marmot Airbus A-320
Frontier 2022 Mojave the Desert Tortoise Mojave the Desert Tortoise Airbus A320neo N384FR
Frontier 2022 Monte the Margay Cat Monte the Margay Cat Airbus A320
Frontier 2022 Odell the Lynx Odell the Lynx Airbus A320neo N377FR
Frontier 2022 Parish and Daisy the Burrowing Owls Parish and Daisy the Burrowing Owls Airbus A320neo N771FR
Frontier 2022 Percy the Florida Panther Percy the Florida Panther Airbus A320neo N385FR
Frontier 2022 Powder the Polar Bear Powder the Polar Bear Airbus A-321 N711FR
Frontier 2022 Powder the Polar Bear Christmas Special Powder the Polar Bear Christmas Special Airbus A-321 N711FR
No Image Available Rosie the River Otter
Frontier 2022 Shelly the Sea Turtle Shelly the Sea Turtle Airbus A320neo N316FR
Frontier 2022 Sonny the Lemon Shark Sonny the Lemon Shark Airbus A320neo N382FR
No Image Available Sunny the Collared Lizard Airbus A-320
No Image Available Weston the Woodpecker





Expand Your Frontier Collection

 Collecting these cards is not only a tribute to the animals and aircraft but also a way to engage with the Frontier community. Whether you’re a frequent flyer with Frontier or an enthusiast of airline memorabilia, these cards are a charming addition to any collection.


Join the Hunt for the Complete Set

 While we’ve confirmed at least 15 cards, the full extent of the series is still a journey of discovery. Connect with other collectors to find the complete set and uncover the full range of Frontier’s flying fauna.


In our own personal chase for these cards, we found one we think is super cool…. the Frontier 2022 Powder the Polar Bear Christmas Special Trading card. A reprint of the normal Powder card, but with a decidedly holiday spiff-up! This is the ONLY card in the series with the verso printed upside down. And unlike the other cards in this series, the description on the back is more jovial than the fact-based information for the rest of this series. This is one of my favorite finds in this collection!

Share Your Finds

 We encourage you to share your latest card acquisitions on social media with the hashtag #FrontierAnimalCards. Showcase your collection, exchange with others, and perhaps even trade to complete your series.


Happy collecting, and may your Frontier Animal Trading Cards take you on a wild collecting expedition!





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