Northwest Airlines Trading Cards Series 2 Collector List

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Northwest Airlines & KLM Co-Branded Series: The 1993 Special Edition


The year 1993 marked a significant milestone in aviation history with the co-branding of Northwest Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. To celebrate this groundbreaking alliance, a special edition set of trading cards was released, capturing the spirit of this partnership.


This exclusive series revitalized select cards from the original Northwest Airlines set, now enhanced with the distinctive NW/KLM logo, symbolizing the union of these two aviation giants. Additionally, new images were introduced, broadening the collection’s horizon and commemorating the expanded fleet.


While the card fronts received a visual update to reflect the collaboration, the backs were reformatted yet retained the informative essence that collectors value. Each card in the 1993 series represents a piece of the combined legacy of Northwest and KLM.


Northwest Airlines Collector Cards Co-Branded Series with KLM
Image Card Number Company Plane
Northwest Series 2 Airbus A320 1 Airbus A320
Northwest Series 2 Boeing 727 2 Boeing B-727
Northwest Series 2 Boeing 747/200 3 Boeing B-747-200
Northwest Series 2 Boeing 747/400 4 Boeing B-747-400
Northwest Series 2 Boeing 757 5 Boeing B-757
Northwest Series 2 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 6 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30
Northwest Series 2 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 7 McDonnell Douglas DC-10
Northwest Series 2 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 8 McDonnell Douglas MD-80



For collectors, the 1993 co-branded series is a celebration of an unprecedented partnership in the airline industry. Owning these cards is akin to holding a piece of aviation history, a reminder of the time when two airlines bridged continents and cultures through their joint operations. Whether as a complement to the original series or a standalone collection, these cards are a treasured addition for any aviation enthusiast.

Northwest Series 2
Northwest Airlines, Series 2