Northwest Airlines Trading Cards Series 1 Collector List

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Northwest Airlines Collectible Trading Cards: The Original Series


Welcome to the definitive resource for collectors of the first series of Northwest Airlines trading cards. This cherished set consists of 7 meticulously crafted cards, each depicting an iconic aircraft that played a pivotal role in the history of commercial aviation. Although the precise release date remains unrecorded, the series is revered among enthusiasts of airline memorabilia for its nostalgic homage to aviation’s golden era.


The uniqueness of these cards is further elevated by a special feature—a window designed for pilots to personalize the card, adding a touch of exclusivity and charm to each piece.


The Complete List of the Original Northwest Airlines Trading Card Collection:


Northwest Airlines Collector Cards The Original Series
Image Card Number Company Plane
Northwest Series 1 Airbus A320 1 Airbus A320
Northwest Series 1 Airbus A340 2 Airbus A340
Northwest Series 1 Boeing 727 3 Boeing B-727
Northwest Series 1 Boeing 747/200 4 Boeing B-747-200
Northwest Series 1 Boeing 747/400 5 Boeing B-747-400
Northwest Series 1 Boeing 757 6 Boeing B-757
Northwest Series 1 Douglas DC-9 7 Douglas DC-9
Northwest Series 1 Douglas DC-10 8 Douglas DC-10
Northwest Series 1 McDonald Douglas MD-80 McDonald Douglas MD-80



For collectors and aviation enthusiasts alike, this original series is more than just trading cards—it’s a passport to the storied past of Northwest Airlines and the aircraft that charted the skies. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, these cards are a must-have to complete your collection and celebrate the legacy of Northwest Airlines.




Northwest Series 1
Northwest Airlines, Series 1