TedAir Trading Cards Series List

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TedAir Trading Cards Series: A Nostalgic Journey


Welcome to the world of TedAir collectible trading cards, a unique series representing the spirit of Ted, United Airlines’ budget counterpart. Established in 2004, Ted operated with a focus on leisure destinations until its closure in 2008​​. In 2005, at the height of its operation, TedAir introduced a set of 8 trading cards featuring limited destinations that defined its route network.


Each card in the series is a celebration of Ted’s service cities and the Airbus A320 aircraft that graced its fleet. With vibrant images and playful designs, these cards capture the essence of travel and adventure that Ted embodied.


A List Of The Complete TEDAir Card Collection:



List of The TEDAir Collector Cards
Image Card Number City Description
TedAir Chicago 1 Chicago Airbus A320
TedAir Denver 2 Denver Woman in Snow
TedAir Ft Lauderdale 3 Fort Lauderdale Boy with Scuba Mask
TedAir Las Vegas 4 Las Vegas A Couple in Car
TedAir Orlando 5 Orlando Upside Down Thrillseekers
TedAir Phoenix 6 Phoenix Fuchsia Golf Pants
TedAir Tampa 7 Tampa Hot Air Balloons
TedAir Washington DC 8 WashingtonDC Washington Monument



  1. Denver: Woman in Snow – Reflecting the winter allure of this mountain city.
  2. FLyTed.com: Aircraft – Showcasing Ted’s workhorse, the Airbus A320, against the backdrop of its online presence.
  3. Ft Lauderdale: Boy with Scuba Mask – Diving into the aquatic pleasures of this coastal destination.
  4. Las Vegas: A Couple in Car – A nod to driving The Strip and the drive-up wedding chapels of Sin City.
  5. Orlando: Upside Down Women – Embracing the fun and flip-side of this theme park capital.
  6. Phoenix: Red Gold Pants – Echoing the fiery sunsets and desert vibes of golf aficionados  of the Valley of the Sun.
  7. Tampa: Hot Air Balloon – Soaring over this bay city, known for its sunny skies.
  8. Washington DC: Washington Monument – A tribute to the nation’s capital and its historic landmarks.


The reverse side of each card offers city stats and amusing facts, providing an educational twist to this delightful collection. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, these cards are a window into a unique period of aviation history, a memento from a time when TedAir made its mark in the skies.


Relive the legacy of Ted through these charming collectibles, and celebrate a chapter of United Airlines’ story that, while brief, left a lasting impression on travelers and collectors alike.




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