Frontier Animal Collector Cards Series One - Airline Trading Cards
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Frontier Animal Collector Cards Series One

About This Project

Frontier Airlines Trading Card List: Documenting a Unique Tail Art Portfolio


Showcasing a Distinctive Blend of Aviation and Wildlife


Art in the Sky: This remarkable collection of Frontier Airlines trading cards stands out in the airline industry. Each card is a canvas, displaying the unique tail art of a Frontier aircraft, adorned with a wildlife species. The range is impressive, from the graceful flight of Betty the Bluebird to the aquatic serenity of Hugh the Manatee, each depicted with striking detail on the aircraft tails.


A Global Safari: The collection is a vivid passport to the world’s diverse habitats. Through these cards, one can virtually traverse from the depths of the ocean with Cortez the Green Turtle to the wild forests housing Cubby the Bear, celebrating the richness of global wildlife.


A Message of Conservation: These trading cards do more than just showcase art; they echo Frontier’s commitment to environmental conservation. Highlighting species like Ichabod the Whooping Crane and Mojave the Desert Tortoise, the collection serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving natural habitats and reducing carbon footprints.


Educational and Inspiring: Each card is not just a collectible but an educational tool, shedding light on various species and their ecosystems. The collection encourages learning about the animals and their roles in the ecological balance, promoting awareness and conservation efforts.


A Collector’s Delight: The collection, featuring creatures like Luna & Lilly the Wolves and Rosie the River Otter, is a treasure for collectors and nature enthusiasts alike. It’s an invitation to cherish the beauty of wildlife and to participate in the broader conversation about environmental stewardship. This series was likely released in May of 2016.



Frontier Animal Trading Card Series One
Image Name Animal Plane
Frontier Betty the Bluebird Betty the Bluebird Bluebird Airbus A320
Frontier Courtney the Cougar Courtney the Cougar Cougar Airbus A-321
Frontier Ferndale the Pygmy Owl Ferndale the Pygmy Owl Pygmy Owl Airbus A-321
Frontier Grizwald the Bear Grizwald the Bear Bear Airbus A320
Frontier Luna & Lilly the Wolves Luna & Lilly Wolves Airbus A320
Frontier Max the Lynx Max the Lynx Lynx Airbus A-321
Frontier Orville the Red Cardinal Orville the Red Cardinal Red Cardinal Airbus A320
Frontier Otto the Owl Otto the Owl Owl
Frontier Virginia the Wolf Virginia the Wolf Wolf




Celebrating Nature Through Aviation: This trading card collection is a unique intersection of aviation and wildlife conservation. It encourages collectors and viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and to understand the importance of coexisting harmoniously with our planet’s diverse species.





Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines, Series 1