Delta Collector Card Series 6 (2022) - Airline Trading Cards
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Delta Collector Card Series 6 (2022)

About This Project

2022 Delta Aircraft Cards: The Latest Chapter


Showcasing Modern Aviation Innovations

In 2022, Delta Airlines unveiled the latest addition to their renowned trading card series with cards #52-62. This recent installment proudly displays Delta’s commitment to modernity and diversity within its fleet. Embracing the latest advancements in aviation technology and design, the 2022 series offers an insightful glimpse into the contemporary face of Delta Air Lines.

A Focus on Diversity and Modernization

The 2022 cards are a celebration of Delta’s evolving fleet, featuring a range of aircraft that demonstrate the airline’s ongoing efforts to modernize and expand its capabilities. From environmentally friendly models to the latest in passenger comfort and technological advancements, each card is a testament to Delta’s dedication to providing a superior flying experience.

A Continuing Tradition of Excellence

Building on the legacy of the past series, the 2022 collection maintains the high standards set by its predecessors. The cards continue to serve as both educational tools and collectibles, offering detailed specifications and facts about each featured aircraft. The design and presentation of the cards align with Delta’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that each card is not only informative but also visually appealing.


2022 Delta Aircraft Cards
Image Year Card Number Aircraft
Delta 2022 #52 Boeing 717 2022 52 717
Delta 2022 #53 Boeing 737 2022 53 737-900ER
Delta 2022 #54 Boeing 757 2022 54 757-300
Delta 2022 #55 Boeing 767 2022 55 767-300ER
Delta 2022 #56 Airbus A320 2022 56 A220-300
Delta 2022 #57 Boeing 767 2022 57 767-400ER
Delta 2022 #58 Airbus A321 2022 58 A321 NEO
Delta 2022 #59 Airbus A330 2022 59 A330
Delta 2022 #60 Airbus A350 2022 60 A350-900
Delta 2022 #61 CRJ-900 2022 61 CRJ-900
Delta 2022 #62 E-175 2022 62 E175



An Invitation to Collect and Learn

For aviation enthusiasts and collectors, the 2022 series represents an exciting opportunity to update and expand their collections with the latest offerings from Delta. Each card is an invitation to learn more about the dynamic world of aviation and the role Delta plays in shaping the future of air travel.

A Snapshot of Delta’s Current Fleet

The cards in this series are more than just collectibles; they are snapshots of Delta’s current fleet, capturing a moment in time within the ever-changing landscape of commercial aviation. They offer a unique way to track the progression of Delta’s fleet over the years and serve as a reminder of the airline’s continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Delta Series 6
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